shap.plots.embedding(ind, shap_values, feature_names=None, method='pca', alpha=1.0, show=True)

Use the SHAP values as an embedding which we project to 2D for visualization.

indint or string

If this is an int it is the index of the feature to use to color the embedding. If this is a string it is either the name of the feature, or it can have the form “rank(int)” to specify the feature with that rank (ordered by mean absolute SHAP value over all the samples), or “sum()” to mean the sum of all the SHAP values, which is the model’s output (minus it’s expected value).


Matrix of SHAP values (# samples x # features).

feature_namesNone or list

The names of the features in the shap_values array.

method“pca” or numpy.array

How to reduce the dimensions of the shap_values to 2D. If “pca” then the 2D PCA projection of shap_values is used. If a numpy array then is should be (# samples x 2) and represent the embedding of that values.


The transparency of the data points (between 0 and 1). This can be useful to the show density of the data points when using a large dataset.